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· All expenses included for southern Manhattan
    and northern Brooklyn; no fees.

$600 minimum bill per half day (up to 4 hours).
    (For example: 12
photos at $50 each = $600)
· $1,100 minimum bill per full day (up to 8 hours).
    (For example: 22
photos at $50 each = $1,100)
· $50 per photo of a 2D subject.
· $65 per photo of a 3D subject (incl. install. shots).
· $15 extra per photo and per task for tasks like
    hiding reflections on glass or varnish, digitally
    replacing hard side shadows with a soft drop
    shadow and/or a clean white wall behind an
    artwork, dealing with fluorescent/neon paint,
    dealing with video screens/projections, using
    seamless backdrop paper, lighting artworks
    more than 1/7th as long as the room provided,
    HDR merging, etc.
· Discounts available for volume and for especially
    easy shoots.


Building and assigning custom profiles for
color fidelity, museum catalog
quality standardized
corrections for color balance, contrast, sharpness,
noise reduction, perspective, and curvature distortion.
Rectangular works of art are rendered as perfectly
rectangular. Monitors and camera-lens-light systems
are calibrated. Your files are optimized: tiffs are
reproduction-ready, jpegs are Internet-ready.


You can pay by
check, cash, money order, or wire
transfer. Or, for a 2.9% fee, by
credit card (in
or online with a credit card or bank account
through PayPal—even if you have no PayPal account